Inclusiveness, engagement & values

Technological innovation has the potential to address the challenge of inequality and promote the ideals of justice and sustainable development in the 21st century. The creation of new products and processes needs to be responsible, foster inclusion in production and consumption, engage the excluded and create long-term and more equitable benefits for all. Likewise, all stakeholders need to commit to responsible participation in the engagement process. Innogen’s integrated analytical approach focuses on inclusiveness, engagement and the values embedded in innovative technologies, to evaluate research and innovation strategies, taking into consideration public and stakeholder perspectives and socio-economic conditions. These criteria ground technological innovations in the broader social, economic and market environment.


Interview with Prof. Chris Warkup on R&D in the UK

6 October 2020

We speak with Chris Warkup, Visiting Professor, Innogen Institute, The Open University, about the actions that are required to develop the UK Government’s Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap and realise the UK’s ambition for science, research and innovation. Chris gives some answers to the Government’s consultation questions based on his career at the interface of academia, industry, policy makers, funders and investors.

In Conversation event: Are innovation policies ever value neutral?

16 November 2020

Smita Srinivas & Theo Papaioannou in conversation with David Wield discuss innovation as a political process of development in the context of COVID-19.

Meet Innogen Associates: Prof. Iain Gillespie

10 June 2021

We speak with Innogen associate Prof. Iain Gillespie about his recent appointment as Principal and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Dundee. He tells us about some of challenges facing research in the higher education sector and his plans to deliver impactful innovation that changes things for the better.

Innogen welcomes Alan Raybould

23 August 2019

Prof. Alan Raybould joins the University of Edinburgh as Chair of Innovation in the Life Sciences.

Securing a globally fair diffusion of COVID-19 vaccines

28 May 2020

Writing for the Open University’s Social Scientific Research in the Time of COVID-19 series of informed articles, Innogen’s Director, Theo Papaioannou, argues that combating the pandemic will require global application of a non-ideal justice in innovation.