News and events

Smarter Approaches to GM Regulation

4 April 2017

At Synbiobeta 2017 Joyce Tait and Mark Lynas share their ideas about ways nations can regulate gene-editing technologies so as to encourage more innovation in agriculture.

Fund for African Pharmaceutical Development; a gateway to financial sustainability of the pharmaceutical sector in Africa

22 March 2017

Innogen members present at the inaugural meeting of the Interim Technical Working Group (TWG) to establish the Fund for African Pharmaceutical Development (FAP-D).

Growing Tomorrow’s Dinner: Should GM be on the Table?

18 October 2016

Joyce Tait expressed her belief in some of the benefits of GM and other technologies at SNP fringe event.


James Mittra Speaks at University of Rhode Island

22 September 2016

James Mittra was invited to the University of Rhode Island, College of Environment and Life Sciences, as part of its Distinguished Visiting International Scholar Programme.

ShARE Project report released

16 August 2016

The report written by Joyce Tait on ‘Environmental regulation of synthetic biology: anticipating future regulatory oversights’ is published.

New RSE Young Academy of Scotland member

12 July 2016

Niki Vermeulen is appointed member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS).

Gene Drives on the Horizon

23 June 2016

Joyce Tait and Ann Kingiri contributed to a recent high profile report on gene drive research from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

O’Neill Commission Report on AMR released

19 May 2016

This review on AMR, proposed in an Innogen report in 2015, assesses solutions to the spread of drug resistance.

New body AsSIST-UK set up with the explicit goal of engaging with science and science policy

6 April 2016

The formal launch on the 6th April 2016 of the ‘Association for Studies in Innovation Science and Technology-UK’ was co-chaired by Andrew Webster and Robin Williams.

Political Studies Association (PSA) 66th Annual International Conference

21 March 2016

Theo Papaioannou, Andrew Watkins, Dinar Kale and Julius Mugwagwa participate in the PSA Annual International Conference 21 – 23 March 2016.