Stimulating Business Development and Income-Growth in Central Malawi

Scottish Government

As part of this project, MLF-Malawi (Microloan Foundation), in the Central Region, will help 6,323 new clients to develop a business and 9,351 existing clients to grow their businesses. Clients’ businesses will generate profits and smooth the precarious incomes of impoverished households. The loan capital will be disbursed through a variety of products, and clients will open a bank account, build savings, and develop business and financial-literacy skills; crucial steps towards long-term independence from poverty. This project will facilitate the economic empowerment of over 15,000 women and 78,000 children and dependents, who will benefit from increased spending on education, dietary consumption, and healthcare. In addition, the project will disburse sustainable electricity, increase agricultural production, and improve women’s economic and social status in their household and community. By providing a range of products, MLF-M will provide an integrated pathway for clients to move from absolute poverty to ultimate independence.