Proportionate and adaptive governance of innovative technologies

British Standards Institute (BSI) Consultancy

Innogen was commissioned by BSI to prepare a report on the premise that the facilitation of innovation has much to gain from a formal consideration of the complementary roles that regulations, guidelines and standards could play in delivering the more proportionate and adaptive governance approach needed to support commercialization of scientific research.

The elements of a governance framework required to support development of innovative technologies were considered in general and for three case studies.
1. Personalized medicine manufacture for autologous cell therapies
2. Industrial biotechnology/synthetic biology
3. Financial technology (FinTech)

The focus is on where guidelines or standards could contribute most effectively to the proportionate and adaptive implementation of regulations, to support the speedy and effective delivery of innovation that safely meets public needs and desires, and where appropriate, contribute to the development of a thriving innovation environment in the UK.