Policy Innovation Systems for Clean Energy Security (PISCES) Extension


This project was led by the African Centre for Technology Studies in Kenya, with partners in Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, and the UK. The project has integrated research on water, food, and energy security by focussing on the pivotal issue of bioenergy in increasing energy access and the security of livelihoods for the poor in Africa and Asia. These are issues that have been seen to require the development of robust technologies, the upscaling of proven technologies, and policies to promote service delivery that give an appropriate role to local entrepreneurship.

The project established a networked centre of expertise that translated widespread, but disparate, work and experience on accessible energy technology and services into policy interventions at all levels, and therefore, helped to increase access to energy for rural and urban poor in the target countries of Kenya, Tanzania, India, and Sri Lanka. Innogen specifically led on the ‘research into use’ theme, and produced policy-relevant outputs applicable to governments developing the role of bioenergy for the poor.