Independence and Innovation Policy in Scotland

ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland

The potential for positive or negative impact on wealth creation arising from independence is relevant to all Scots, and the UK more generally. As the referendum approaches, it has been vitally important to anticipate how institutions and dynamics of Scottish innovation will be affected by different degrees of Scottish independence. With a record of excellence in understanding the drivers of innovation policy and institutional supports, Innogen undertook research into how institutions in regional, and encompassing national, innovation systems respond to independence movements, and how those responses shape future innovation capacity through impact on higher education, entrepreneurial capacity, and financial capacity.

These activities helped Innogen to evaluate how Scotland could maximise the possible benefits of different levels of autonomy and prevent damage to the Scottish economy. As a result of this project, Innogen has helped to anticipate and provide evidence for policymakers, leaders of public and private organisations, and helped to stimulate and inform public discussion on Scotland, its innovation system, and its prospects for economic growth.