Fish farming in Scotland: optimising its contribution to climate change mitigation

OU Scotland

Fish farming is a rapidly growing contributor to Scotland’s agri-food economy but it has, in the past, acquired a reputation for causing environmental harm. However, the sector is now moving towards a new circular bio-economy that will be environmentally and societally sustainable, building on recent innovations in new biotechnologies, robotics and big data.

The proposed project will have the following objectives:

1. Demonstrate (quantitatively where possible) the role of innovative technologies in contributing to the improved sustainability of fish farming in Scotland, meeting key government policies on Net Zero carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, the circular economy and the zero waste economy. 
2. Disseminate the outcomes of the research to contribute to better public understanding of the roles of innovative technologies in contributing to these societal and environmental goals.
3. Engage with the Scottish government’s planning for COP26 and enhance the long term legacy of COP26 within Scotland.