Promoting Responsible Innovation

22 May 2020

One of the highlights of this year’s BSI’s Standards e-conference was the launch of a publicly available specification on Responsible Innovation (PAS 440), written by Innogen’s co-director, Joyce Tait.

The standard is relevant to all innovative technologies and was created to help companies innovate responsibly, so they can achieve the benefits of innovation in a timely manner and identify and avoid any potential harm or unintended misuse of a new product, service, process or business model.

By improving the quality of innovation, companies can become more resilient, save costs, improve their sustainability, and gain customer/investor trust. PAS 440 provides a standardised approach to identify, evaluate, record and communicate the benefits and possible risks of innovation.

As Joyce explains, the demand for a responsible innovation standard was first established through an in-depth market survey involving over 40 innovative companies from a broad range of sectors, and the drafting then took place in 4 phases. Each phase was subject to detailed review and comments, the last two involving a specially appointed advisory panel from companies and government bodies, and an open public consultation.

The document has been very well received; it was downloaded over 1,000 times during the first 24 hours after the launch. “This number is higher than for any other standard ever launched by BSI”, said Paul Mason, Director of Responsive Programmes, Innovate UK.

If the PAS is widely used, it could be further developed as a fully accredited BSI standard ­ — so companies can advertise themselves as compliant with the standard. Even more ambitious, it could lead to development of an international (ISO) standard.


Further information:

You can watch a recording of the BSI Standards e-Conference: Launch of PAS 440 Responsible Innovation here:

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