PAS 440 — Responsible Innovation in the spotlight

15 December 2020

In the latest episode of the BSI EDUCATION PODCAST, Joyce Tait, technical author of the standard PAS 440 explains how it was developed and its relevance for regulatory adaptation in the UK.

The podcast hosts Matthew Chiles, Development Manager at BSI, and Alan Sellers, Senior Compliance Manager at Dyson and Chair of BSI's Young Professionals Advisory Panel also speak with Paul Mason, Director of Responsive Programmes at Innovate UK, Elaine Shine, PAS Business Development Manager at BSI, and Isabela Cabrera, Edinburgh University postgraduate.

PAS 440 provides guidance to organizations on how to structure innovative thinking and processes responsibly, irrespective of sector or industry. With over 2,700 downloads to date, it has been downloaded more than the total of all the standards ever funded by Innovate UK.

“PAS 440 has been one of the key outcomes from Innogen’s PAGIT project on Proportionate and Adaptive Governance of Innovative Technologies and it’s great to see it being taken up so enthusiastically. We’ll certainly be using it as a teaching resource in our Masters degree in Management of the Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance”, says Joyce Tait, Innogen co-Director.

You can listen to the podcast here.