IBioIC’s 2nd Annual Conference: ‘Realising the Opportunity’

7 January 2016

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC)’s 2nd Annual Conference on ‘Realising the Opportunity’ took place on the 28th & 29th of January 2016, at the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) based at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

On the 2nd day of the conference, Session 4 (09.00 – 10.30 am) explored the challenges & barriers to industrial biotechnology with insights from a ministerial perspective and the progress made in achieving the National Plan for IB.

The session featured discussions around the societal issues that biotechnology presents, and questioned how we manage and influence public opinion.

Ian Shott, IBioIC (Chair)
Government representative
Joyce Tait, Innogen Institute
John Walls, University of Glasgow
Ian Fotheringham, Ingenza Ltd.