Growing Tomorrow’s Dinner: Should GM be on the Table?

18 October 2016

Ensuring everyone has enough to eat is one of this century’s global challenges. Promising techniques and technologies including selective breeding and GM technologies can develop crops that can grow in difficult, changing conditions. Scotland’s researchers are well-placed to develop this technology. Yet almost a third of people in the UK feel that the risks of GM crops outweigh the benefits. Is this true? Do we need to take another look at technologies such as GM?

The event was hosted by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and chaired by SNP MSP Clare Adamson.

The speakers included:
- Professor Joyce Tait, Director of the Innogen Institute, University of Edinburgh
- Robert Livesey, Vice President, National Farmers Union Scotland
- Pete Ritchie, Executive Director, Nourish Scotland
- Mark Lynas, Author and Environmental Campaigner