Geoff Banda invited to UNIDO Expert Group Meeting

28 July 2017

Innogen member Geoff Banda has been invited to attend the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Expert Group Meeting.

In its continued efforts to promote local pharmaceutical production in the developing countries, UNIDO is planning an exclusive Expert Group Meeting to take place in Vienna at the end of September 2017. A group of experts will gather to discuss and make recommendations on three specific issues, which have been identified as key to the future growth of local pharmaceutical production in Africa: Access to technology, access to affordable finance, and appropriate incentives.

Each issue will be discussed with the aim of making recommendations which will be included in a guidance document, to be circulated among policy makers, donors, the pharmaceutical industry and others.
The Expert Group Meeting (EGM) will convene up to 5 high-caliber experts per work stream to achieve the following objectives:
1. Come up with innovative expert advice on the issues discussed,
2. Generate practical and implementable recommendations on the three key issues
identified above.

The experts' ideas/advice will be captured in a Guidance document, which will steer UNIDO’s future activities in the field. The Guidance document will also be made available to a range of stakeholders from Governments, Development Finance Institutions to pharmaceutical companies. An event dedicated to ‘Mobilizing Investment, Technology and Partnership Opportunities for Africa’s Pharmaceutical Industry’ will be held in Bonn, Germany, in February 2018 and will serve as a platform to disseminate the findings from the EGM and distribute the resulting Guidance document to stakeholders.