Education and Social Justice

28 February 2019

Susan Stewart, Director of OU Scotland, marks the World Day of Social Justice with a piece in The Scotsman highlighting the role of education in achieving social ­justice.

“Education and skills give us the ability to take advantage of opportunities and to change our circumstances, to demand and enter into ‘decent work’” she writes. ‘Decent work’, which is defined by the International Labour Organisation declaration in 2008 as productive work that attracts a fair income in a secure workplace, with opportunities for development and to organise and participate in workplace decisions, is at the heart of social justice.

Stewart reminds us that for 50 years the OU has been fulfilling its mission to promote educational well-being of the community and giving everyone, from all ages and backgrounds, the chance to learn.

The Innogen Institute is delighted to be working with OU Scotland and exploring joint initiatives that support its social justice mission.

"Our high quality research in areas such as emerging technologies and innovation systems, global health and development, policy and governance provide strong underpinning to educational programmes which are transforming people’s lives" says Prof. Theo Papaioannou, Innogen Institute director, The Open University.