Book Launch: Sustainable Futures by Raphael Kaplinsky

17 June 2021

Innogen and the International Development & Innovation research network based in Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at The Open University are hosting the online launch of Prof. Raphael Kaplinsky’s new book: Sustainable Futures: An Agenda for Action

The event will take place on Wednesday 7th July between 17:00 – 18:30 BST and is open to all. It will be chaired by Professor Theo Papaioannou, Director of the Innogen Institute. After a short presentation by Raphael Kaplinsky, Emeritus Professor at The Open University, there will be a Q&A session.

You can register for this FREE event here:


‘There are many critics of the current capitalist system. And equally many others who profess how to organize it better. What is often missing is a link between the two. That is, an understanding of how we got into the mess we have, and using this understanding to analyse what is required to do better. Kaplinsky’s book does just that, bringing together historical, political and economic research in a way that allows us to both learn from history, and to have a more prosperous and sustainable future.’

Mariana Mazzucato, Founding Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, and author of Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism

‘If you want to understand today’s world and how to fix it, this is the book to read. Kaplinsky shows a formidable capacity to encompass the whole spectrum of today’s global problems and provides realistic – though ambitious – solutions. Indispensable reading!’

Carlota Perez, author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages

‘A compelling read, brilliantly written and bubbling with thought-provoking ideas, experience and outlines for the future.’

Sir Richard Jolly, former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN