2nd AfricaLics Conference, Kigali, Rwanda, 17-19 November 2015

10 November 2015

The theme of this conference is ‘Unpacking Systems of Innovations for Sustainable Development in Africa’.

This conference organised by AfricaLics at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) and the University of Rwanda will give attention to a wide set of themes covering important aspects linking innovation and competence-building to development and intends to bring together up to 150 early careers and established researchers and scholars from different disciplines to enhance the quality of innovation studies in relation to development and growth in Africa.

This conference is being held during a year of change with regards international development goals. The world is witnessing the start of a post-2015 agenda that focuses on issues of sustainable development. One of the Sustainable Development Goals is focused exclusively on fostering innovation (goal 9). This conference will consider what is needed to address this goal in the context of different African countries and their interaction with the global economy. It will do this through the lens of ‘systems of innovation’ – the idea that innovation is most successful when there is the right set of actors and conditions available creating a facilitatory enabling environment - and allied ideas around the learning, innovation and competence building systems that are needed to ensure inclusive and sustainable development for all.

Conference subthemes:
- Social innovation and national systems of innovation.
- The role of higher education and financial institutions in the promotion of innovation Industrial development, manufacturing and SMEs as part of the innovation system
- Enhancing growth in communities: harnessing grassroots innovation and indigenous knowledge
- Ensuring inclusive innovation: focusing attention on gender, women and the informal sector
- Advancing the measurement agenda: development and use of STI indicators in Africa