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Open Science for Innovation
ESRC Cross-Investment Project Workshop Report

On 10 March 2014, the Innogen Institute at the University of Edinburgh and the Egenis Institute at the University of Exeter held a workshop on “Open and Closed: Motivations for Open Science and its Implications for Innovation” to disseminate the results from the ESRC-funded, collaborative project entitled “Trajectories of Emerging Life Science and Open Innovation” to key stakeholders and to get their feedback. This pilot project entailed semi-structured interviews with 22 researchers across the UK, and assessed the meanings of ‘openness’ in contemporary systems and synthetic biology, elucidated what motivates scientists to be open, and examined whether the recent emphasis on openness in science by the UK government has an impact on scientific practice with further implications for the development and commercialisation of technology.

The workshop created an opportunity for the key stakeholders from government, research funding agencies and academia to explore, evaluate and discuss (1) awareness and perceptions of funders’ open access policies among the scientists working in the emerging fields of bioscience, (2) scientists’ motivations for open access publishing, (3) the implications of open access publishing for science and innovation and (4) the open access publishing and open data. This report presents the account of discussions on each topic.

ESRC CIW Presentation - Defining the Project (David Castle) PDF, 178KB

ESRC CIW Presentation - Defining the Project (Nadine Levin) PDF, 5.3MB

ESRC CIW Presentation - Policy Awareness (David Castle) PDF, 255KB

ESRC CIW Presentation - OA & Innovation (Dagmara Weckowska) PDF, 433KB

ESRC CIW Presentation - OA Publishing & Open Data (Nadine Levin) PDF, 185KB

ESRC CIW Presentation - Scientists' Motivations (Dagmara Weckowska) PDF, 560KB