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The Role of Contexts in Knowledge Brokering Systems

Oreszczyn, S   Lane, A

Workshop: Bridging the Gap between Research, Policy and Practice

Organised by: ESRC Genomics Network

Venue: RIBA, London

December 7, 2011

Open / download report (PDF, 36KB)

This short report provides an account of a workshop held as part of a one day conference - Bridging the Gap between Research, Policy and Practice: the importance of intermediaries (knowledge brokers) in producing research impact.

This event was hosted by the ESRC Genomics Network and focused on knowledge brokering in the social sciences. It was designed to encourage dialogue between practitioners, organisations and researchers with an interest in knowledge exchange.

Our workshop was designed to consider the richness of models of knowledge brokering systems and address the question: how context dependent are models for brokering? For example, are the models the same for food systems or agriculture as for health. The session attempted to capture and map out the thinking of participants on the key components of knowledge brokering (or knowledge) exchange systems. It attempted to identify which people and what types of knowledge are involved in brokering and the nature of the exchange between those involved.

The session drew on our experiences of knowledge exchange process when working with policy makers, business and NGOs across a number of participatory research projects looking at agricultural systems (for example, see

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