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Regulation of Clinical Research Involving Stem Cells
Towards the Construction of a Regulatory Model for Argentina Learning from the Experiences of the United Kingdom

Harmon, SHE   Laurie, G   Arzuaga, F

Organised by: The University of Edinburgh / Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology

Venue: Buenos Aires

November 29 – 30, 2007

Research at Innogen: Governing Emerging Technologies: Social Values and Stem Cell ...

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This workshop represented the first international interdisciplinary meeting of experts and stakeholders in a process that is intended to culminate in the adoption of a stem cell or broader biosciences research governance scheme in Argentina. It was attended by over 50 participants, including scientists and physicians, academics, and policy-makers and advisors. The emphasis of this workshop was to consider the United Kingdom experience in stem cell regulation, to explore options for an Argentine model, and to map future actions.