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Global Challenges in Drug Discovery and Development

Mittra, J

Organised by: Innogen and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)

Venue: Old College, The University of Edinburgh

January 25, 2007

Open / download report (PDF, 209KB)

This one-day workshop was organised collaboratively by Innogen and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). It took place in Edinburgh on January 25, 2007.

Multinational pharmaceutical companies continue to face a number of global challenges. On top of the usual uncertainty about which research areas will lead to the next big breakthrough, many new issues will affect the future of the industry. These include how to bring radically new types of product to the market and sustain strong drug pipelines; a changing regulatory and post-regulatory environment, the impact of health service purchasing policies and other market-related factors; and stakeholder acceptance of new drugs and their associated benefits and risks. Until recently, the industry has been robust enough to cope with this turbulence in both internal and external operating environments. However, a systemic combination of circumstances has led industry to explore new models and strategies for translating new therapeutic discoveries into clinically beneficial products that can be delivered quickly to patients.

The aim of the Innogen/ABPI workshop was to bring together, for the first time, high-level managers from the pharmaceutical industry, representatives from key regulatory authorities and patient-support groups; clinicians and health care policymakers; as well as research scientists, to discuss the current global challenges of drug R&D and explore the benefits and problems associated with new translational models for delivering health innovation. A key focus was the Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC) recently established in Scotland, which involves the multinational pharmaceutical company Wyeth, Scottish Enterprise, four leading Scottish universities and the Scottish NHS working together to improve the health innovation system. Innogen's primary role was to set the agenda for the meeting, in consultation with ABPI Scotland, and chair the discussion sessions. ABPI Scotland took primary responsibility for recruiting delegates.

The workshop began with a keynote address by Dr Walsh (Head of Discovery Research at Wyeth) followed by roundtable question and discussion sessions involving invited participants.

The report provides a detailed account of the discussions that took place.