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The Use of Placement Fellowships in Knowledge Exchange

Bruce, A   Fletcher, I   O’Callaghan, K

Venue: 55 Whitehall Place, London

June 7, 2010

Open / download report (PDF, 49KB)

Final report from a workshop held on 7th June, 2010 at 55 Whitehall Place, London.

The purpose of this workshop was to explore the role of Placement Fellowships in knowledge exchange between academe and public sector policymakers. Effective knowledge exchange is an essential ingredient if we want our research investment and capability to have an impact on policy and wider society. Recognising that impact pathways are rarely linear but more complex, does the Placement Fellowship represent a relatively straightforward way of creating a more focused pathway to impact? Do Placement Fellowships really accelerate policy innovation and development? The workshop took place with fourteen specifically invited people. This included six current and former Fellows mostly from broadly environmental areas, three policy-makers or former policy-makers (Defra and DFID) and three funders of fellowships (ESRC, NERC and RELU).

The workshop was conducted as a collaboration between the Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) programme and the University of Edinburgh and sponsored by the University of Edinburgh’s Knowledge Exchange fund.