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Independence and Innovation Policy in Scotland: What Impact on the Scottish Innovation System?

Mastroeni, M   Rosiello, A

August 2014

Innogen working paper no. 111

Open / download (PDF, 583KB)

This paper outlines the perception of Scotland as an innovative society, and the related economic and policy goals required to realise that image. It then poses the question of whether an innovative Scotland can be best achieved in combination with an independent Scotland. The paper will briefly outline the images of Scotland as a region and nation that have been put forward, both as a region distinct from England in culture and attitude, and as a participant in the knowledge economy. It will summarise the strengths and weaknesses that have been perceived and measured in its innovation system, briefly recount policy initiatives to date to improve the innovation system, then outline the main arguments made by the current Scottish Government regarding how independence could lead to a more prosperous Scotland.

This Working Paper is one in a series as part of Innogen’s work with the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme.