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The International Aids Vaccine Initiative

Smith, J   Chataway, J

January 2004

Innogen working paper no. 23

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Increasingly public-private partnerships (PPPs) are being developed to try and bridge the gap between scientific and technological potential and the needs of the poor in developing countries . PPPs are now the recipients of large amounts of development donor funds. In this paper we look at why PPPs have become so popular and at their institutional roots. In particular we look at one high profile PPP, the International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). IAVI represents a new kind of global PPP which is difficult to locate in more traditional approaches to understanding public private partnerships. It has had considerable success with advocacy work and awareness raising about HIV/AIDS and the positive impact that a preventative vaccine could have. IAVI's sophisticated approach to communication and its strategic use of knowledge management has meant it has also made important contributions in the area of capacity building. This suggests that we should consider the relationship between communication, knowledge and capacity building carefully.

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