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The Indian Challenge, The Evolution of Successful New Global Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Bower, DJ   Sulej, J

January 2005

In a bid to foster high technology industries in the UK and Europe public policy has sought to encourage young firms to adopt American-inspired strategies. The venture-backed startup associated with Silicon Valley and Route 128 in Boston, has been the preferred model. These policies have had limited success thus far. Indian companies, by contrast, are evolving indigenous business models which are achieving considerable successes in competing in some high technology markets in the US and the EU, including significant markets within the pharmaceutical industry. Although most Indian pharmaceutical firms have established themselves initially as low cost suppliers they are investing in building innovative capabilities. Their strategies are to move up the value chain and some have demonstrated significant success in this internationally including in the USA. This paper analyses the strategies and trajectories of a number of Indian pharmaceutical companies which are expanding successfully in Western markets. It assesses the local and international contextual factors which have underpinned the strategies and discusses relevant conceptual frameworks.

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