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The Governance Of Genomics Science And Technology: Prospects For Development?

Langlois, A

January 2005

Innogen working paper no. 43

Open / download (PDF, 236KB)

The completion of the Human Genome Project has opened up unprecedented possibilities in healthcare, but also ethical and social dilemmas. Some fear that the health concerns of developed countries will take precedence over those of developing countries, thereby creating a 'genomics divide'. This has led to calls for more effective governance of genomics science and technology. On a broader scale, international relations theorists have been arguing for reform of global governance frameworks in general. One possibility for bridging the genomics divide would be through implementation of three UNESCO instruments: the 1997 Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights, the 2003 International Declaration on Human Genetic Data and the Draft Declaration on Universal Norms on Bioethics. All three contain articles on cooperation between developed and developing countries in knowledge sharing and capacity building. Other proposals include two different forms of global network.

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