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Scotland's Science Strategy; An Exercise in Concurrent power?

Lyall, C

January 2005

Innogen working paper no. 34

Open / download (PDF, 192KB)

Devolution presented the Scottish Executive with the prospect of developing an integrated and inclusive approach to Scotland's research and innovation strategy by co-ordinating the roles of policy-makers in different government departments and agencies and involving policy targets across the science base and technology-based industry in the policy-making process. Instead, the model promoted by the Executive continues to be one of "academic push" rather than "industry pull" and this paper seeks to demonstrate that the thrust of the Scottish Executive's science policy document, A Science Strategy for Scotland, from inception, to consultation, to publication, and then to implementation has been on the public sector and on supporting the science base in Scottish universities, without reflecting sufficiently on the need to develop greater capacity on the demand-side in order to foster a vibrant technology-based economy. This apparent adherence to an out-dated way of thinking about innovation means that Scotland has so far failed to optimise the opportunities offered by devolution in terms of shared policy competences for science and innovation between and within levels of governance and between policy-makers and policy targets.

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