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Regulation Of Human Genomics & Genetic Biotechnology: Risks, Values And Analytical Criteria

Harmon, SHE

January 2005

Innogen working paper no. 40

Open / download (PDF, 366KB)

Scientific fields such as that in human genomics are evolving at a much greater rate than legislation. In a democratic society it is both desirable and inevitable that existing and emerging legislation be assessed/evaluated and discussed. But by what means is this accomplished? This article elucidates a host of ethically-grounded rules/imperatives derived from five core, internationally-held human values, namely human dignity, sanctity of life, autonomy, justice and solidarity. It is expected that these rules/imperatives can offer a common language and framework by which to discuss and assess legal instruments, and thereby answer the questions identified in the Mission Statement to Innogen's Project 5.

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