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Public-Private Collaboration in Genomics and Biotechnology: A Scoping Paper

Papaioannou, T

January 2006

Public-Private Collaboration in Genomics and Biotechnology explores the complex relationships between public policy, public research and private firms in genomics and biotechnology in the United Kingdom (UK). The focus of this research is on regional innovation. The project examines the links between innovation policy bodies, life sciences research institutes, dedicated biotechnology firms (DBFs) and venture capital organisations from the standpoint of regional economic and social development.

This paper describes the research rationale and main theoretical concepts that will guide the research. Also, it formulates specific questions to be empirically investigated and the research methodology to be used.

The paper is structured as follows: section 2 explains the project rationale and the key themes of research; section 3 presents the framework of conceptual understanding of public-private collaboration in genomics and biotechnology at a regional level; section 4 outlines specific research questions formulated within the project's conceptual framework; section 5 describes the research methodology that will be followed throughout the project and the different stages of implementation.

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