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Impact of the EC Water Framework Directive on the Pesticide and Pharmaceutical Industries

Tait, J   Shearer, M. C.

January 2009

Open / download (PDF, 394KB)

Regulatory policies in general have a powerful influence on innovation and development within the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries. A major piece of legislation currently being implemented is the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), aiming to produce a coherent and integrated approach to water management across the Community. Part of the directive relates to water pollution, setting limits to levels of particular chemicals, or types of chemicals, present in the aquatic environment.

This report assesses the possible impact of the WFD on the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries, and in particular how the new legislation may affect the development of drugs and pesticides, and influence innovation pathways. It analyses EU directives, EMeA guidelines, WHO documentation and case studies, alongside reports and papers from the scientific community. It reviews current legislation, proposes possible impacts on innovation of these environmental policies, and offers a guideline for regulators and innovation committees.