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From the Rhetoric of Hope to the Patient-Active Paradigm - Strategic Positioning of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies.

Bower, DJ

January 2004

Innogen working paper no. 9

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Changing public perceptions which have impacted on understandings of health, self and relatedness to others and the environment have led to rejection of GM foods. This has had a negative impact on the survival and growth of a number of companies exploiting genetics-based technologies which have addressed agricultural and food markets. Biopharmaceutical companies, in contrast, have managed to avoid demonisation in spite of using the same generic technologies. This implies that products and processes based on new life science based technologies can be publicly accepted in some contexts but not in others. In this paper overt changes in strategic positioning of a number of relatively successful pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in relation to patients and the wider public over the last twelve years are analysed and related to their success in gaining public acceptance of technically novel products.

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