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Emergence of The Biosimilar Sector and Opportunities for Developing Country Suppliers

Huzair, F   Kale, D

October 2011


As biologic products begin to come off-patent, a market is emerging for biosimilars (also known as biogenerics or follow-on biologics). Firms from emerging countries such as India and China have dominated the production of active ingredients in pharmaceutical industries all over the world and are now developing capabilities in biosimilar production. This emergence of a new market dynamic is disruptive to current key players as it has potential challenge their current dominant hold over the market, while for firms from developing countries it creates a sea of opportunities. This rise of biosimilars and capabilities for cheap production in developing country firms has potential to transform patient care in developing countries as well as advanced countries. This paper reviews study data collected at Innogen and the most recent literature to understand how the sector for biosimilars is evolving and the opportunities and challenges faced by emerging suppliers. The aim of the paper is to identify the gaps in the current literature and opportunities for further study in this area.

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