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The student experience at Innogen

Innogen provides a supportive and sociable environment for postgraduate students with many opportunities for involvement in the centre's wider research aims.

"Without a doubt, this is a place where students get cutting-edge scholarship, well balanced on both empirical and theoretical fronts." - Innogen alumnus

"I was fascinated by being able to see connections between different disciplines and theoretical perspectives." - Innogen alumnus

"I really enjoyed the dynamic interdisciplinary setting at Innogen. There are always people with varied areas of expertise that you can have a chat with." - Innogen alumnus

MSc BIG Testimonials

Bas van den Berg - Class of 2017
“What attracted me to the BIG programme was the interdisciplinary nature of the curricula. Combining insights from business studies, innovation theory, and politics into a comprehensive programme centred on health-, agri-, and biotechnology appealed to me very much. The knowledge gained throughout the programme greatly complements my background in system and process engineering, with tremendous lectures (and lecturers) and wonderful access to the facilities of the University of Edinburgh. The programme is incredibly flexible in terms of courses you want to pursue, and even within the core-courses there is a lot of flexibility in terms of what you choose to focus on. I believe that the programme will contribute to my career goals, which is pursuing a career in supra-national public service after a PhD. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone who is interested in the interactions between policy, governance, and advanced technologies.”

Sasha Tewari - Class of 2014
My dissertation topic has been developed from mutual interest between myself and the Edinburgh BioQuarter. It is a comparative case-study that examines the BioQuarter’s university-Technology Transfer Organization model with that of a public company. I would definitely recommend a placement-based dissertation to anyone interested in the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a practical case-study.

Weihan He - Class of 2014
I think my year in the MSc BIG programme at the University of Edinburgh significantly helped me to connect my theoretical ideas and practical skills in my future career. Because of the interaction with different enterprises and organisations during the course, I felt quite easy and confident when looking for jobs. Currently, I have successfully obtained a nice job and I really appreciate the skills gained and the help from staff in the MSc BIG.

Anouk in’t Veld, Class of 2014
In order to do research for my dissertation I started a placement with the Strategy & Innovation department of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Over a course of three months, I engaged in a project dealing with the creation of an investment fund focused on feedstock technology. Amongst others, I analysed trends in feedstock technology and studied innovation vehicles for MNCs. It has been a very valuable experience and largely contributed to my understanding of the academic work taught on the course. It offered a taste of the real world and motivated me to get the most out of the master’s degree.

Sylvie Tschentscher, Class of 2014
The MSc in Management in Bioeconomy, Innovation & Governance gave the unique opportunity to strengthen my interest and knowledge in the Life Science Industry. The programme provided an excellent overview about the various dynamics and trends in this industry and opened up new horizons of career options for me. As a graduate in business management with a special interest in the healthcare sector, this programme was a really good choice because it helped to develop an in-depth knowledge about the dynamics in this sector. Through the contacts of my supervisor, I could write my dissertation about an exciting project in close cooperation with a local company in the stem cell industry, which was exactly what I was interested in. In addition, the atmosphere in the programme was very good and encourages everyone to give their best. The lecturers were really helpful, friendly and supportive throughout the programme. Besides that, the city of Edinburgh is a really wonderful place to live in and to study.

Camille Moran - Class of 2013
I chose to do a dissertation placement with Celtic Renewables Ltd., which was facilitated by the MSc BIG programme director. The placement gave me the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in coursework in a hands-on environment. I completed a feasibility analysis report for Celtic Renewables that evaluated the economic potential of exploiting their exisiting IP to add a paper processing plant into their whisky to biofuel plant. It was exciting working with a start-up and proved to be useful experience in securing a job after graduation.

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Interviews with alumni

Read what former students have to say about their time at Innogen.

Julius Mugwagwa

After his PhD, Julius received a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship and is now a Lecturer in Innovation and Development.

Interview with Julius Mugwagwa PDF, 199KB

Nicola Marks

After graduating from her PhD, Nicola stayed at the University of Edinburgh for a year as a research post-doc before taking up a lectureship at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Interview with Nicola Marks PDF, 206KB