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Masters in Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance (MSc BIG)

The MSc in Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance responds to the rapid growth in the global bioeconomy by providing the core knowledge and skills needed to compete in a rapidly evolving, highly skilled workforce.

This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of and the ability to assess how innovation in the life sciences is changing production methods, industrial structures, market dynamics and strategic decision making.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and conceptual frameworks

  • Current trends and recent achievements in life science innovation
  • Innovation from ‘proof of concept’ to market readiness
  • Risk, regulation and governance of the bioeconomy
  • Knowledge management and intellectual property in life sciences
  • New business models and value systems
  • Financing of life science innovation and changing commercial R&D models and strategies

Competencies and practical skills

  • Analysis of trends, opportunities and challenges along the life science innovation pathway
  • Facilitating entrepreneurship and thinking creatively about the future of the bioeconomy
  • Creating business plans and mapping routes to market for new technologies
  • Foresight and scenario-based techniques for managing risk and uncertainty associated with emerging technologies
  • Negotiation and communication skills in interdisciplinary teams