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Value Addition Through Genomics and GE3LS (VALGEN)

David Castle

Funding: Genome Canada

October 1 2009 – October 1 2013


VALGEN is investigating how Canada and the rest of the world can benefit from applications of agricultural genomics, an area of science that investigates the entire set of genes making up a particular organism such as our familiar crops of wheat, flax, canola, and corn. Applications of agricultural genomics include crop biotechnology and emerging bioproducts such as biofuels from plants and microbes.

VALGEN focuses on three crucial factors that affect how scientific discoveries make their way from laboratory to the marketplace: democratic engagement, intellectual property and regulation and governance. These research themes are strengthened by research and development of new models, methods and metrics to capture the effects of innovation and combined with foresighting activities to envision future pathways.

As a formal collaborator with VALGEN, Innogen and VALGEN researchers work together to create better analytical tools for measuring food security and threats to agricultural productivity, while working to improve how genomics-enabled agricultural biotechnology can be developed and used.

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