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The Drivers of Biotechnology Firm Innovative Performance in the Health Care Sector

Alessandro Rosiello

Funding: ESRC Innogen Centre

Started: January 1 2002


Rosiello’s Phase 2 research set out to examine the impact of a number of factors that the economic and management literature depict as typical drivers of biotech companies' growth on the performance of the biopharmaceutical sector.

Further, it will ascertain whether in the context of different sub-sectors and systems of innovation these factors have a consistent or miscellaneous influence of the firm’s innovative performance, which will help to shed some light on complex interaction among firm-cluster-macro level dynamics - including the role of industrial/innovation policy and regulation.

On the one hand, we shall investigate the factors and process that shape the firm’s capability to innovate and compete in areas characterised by genuine risk and uncertainty.

On the other hand, we shall examine the role of selection played by the environment within which the firm operates, both at a regional and at a national level.