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Reorganisation of Innovation in the Health Care Life Sciences

James Mittra

Affiliated staff:   Joyce Tait   David Wield   Christopher-Paul Milne   Paul Quintas

Funding: ESRC Innogen Centre

Started: January 1 2002


The co-evolution of innovation and regulation in life science industries is a key area of research for the ESRC Innogen Centre. 

This project explores changes in the organization and strategic management of R&D in the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on the diverse ways in which firms are attempting to integrate new life sciences and technologies into their R&D systems, restructure the development phases of therapeutic research, and exploit new strategic options for product development in the context of a turbulent social and regulatory environment.

The research will include case studies of firms developing stem cell therapies or monoclonal antibody technologies, as well as the formation and progress of new public-private partnerships such as the Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC) in Scotland. The project will also monitor changes in the evolution of the large and medium sized pharmaceutical firms.

Aims and objectives

Explore how large pharmaceutical firms are exploiting new organisational strategies to facillitate translational medicine and respond to changes in the external operating environment, such as new regulations, emergence of novel technologies and success of smaller and more nimble innovative firms.

Research methods

Small number of interviews with representatives from industry and regulatory agencies, as well as desk-based research on companies.

Wider implications for policy

Findings from this research will improve understanding of the key challenges facing the pharmaceutical sector and the benefits of different types of organisational form. This will have implications for public policy approaches to innovation in the life sciences.

Project update

Some working papers and publications have been completed or are in preparation, but further fieldwork will be conducted in 2010/2011.


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Mittra, J. and Tait, J. (2010) 'Risk-governance and Regulation of Stem Cell Therapies' (in preparation for Science and Public Policy)

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