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Multidisciplinary Network in Synthetic Biology

Jane Calvert   Peter Robbins

Affiliated staff:   Joyce Tait


Started: January 1 2002


The SynBioStandards Network is an innovative and interdisciplinary network for UK academics working in synthetic biology.

Pulling together researchers from the worlds of engineering, biological sciences, computer science and the social sciences, the Network aims to create a space for them to share ideas, and to develop a common language and set of tools for synthetic biology research.

Activities of the Network are primarily concerned with issues relating to standards and characterisation in synthetic biology. This is one of the main challenges faced by synthetic biology researchers, and one that will require ongoing dialogue.

The SynBioStandards Network is not a standard-setting body, but we hope to develop approaches and protocols that are seen as a gold standard and adopted by synthetic biology researchers worldwide.

The SynBioStandards Network is funded for three years from June 2008. The members initially represented in this Network are from Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, The University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, and University of Newcastle.

We hope that membership of the Network will expand over time, and we aim to build bridges with groups worldwide who are grappling with similar questions.