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Interdisciplinary Research Processes and Practices

Catherine Lyall

Funding: Innogen Core Project with additional ESRC funding

November 1 2006 – October 31 2009

  • Post-doctoral researchers, giving them the tools they require to lead successful interdisciplinary project teams and
  • Graduate students embarking on interdisciplinary projects for the first time.

The ISSTI Interdisciplinary Masterclasses, funded by an ESRC Researcher Development Initiative grant, form the core of this project.

  • Provide training and development activities for researchers at postdoctoral level and above in order to develop their research management, leadership and supervisory skills in interdisciplinary projects across the social and natural sciences;
  • Provide training and development activities that improve the ability of research students to design interdisciplinary research projects and to better understand the issues and challenges involved in interdisciplinary research which spans the natural and social sciences;
  • Develop and make available in various formats a range of teaching materials relevant to interdisciplinary research;
  • Foster increased collaboration and capacity building across a number of existing interdisciplinary research networks;
  • Enable ISSTI/Innogen researchers to reflect on the experiences of delivering the Masterclasses to strengthen our own future interdisciplinary practice.


The overall goal of this project is to consolidate our knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary research processes and practices within the ESRC Innogen Centre and beyond.

Catherine Lyall and colleagues are seeking to formalise and codify researchers’ approach to the promotion, management and evaluation of interdisciplinary research and to share this knowledge with the wider ESRC research community.

A range of masterclasses are being developed with two distinct targets, aimed at:

Aims and objectives

The Masterclasses provide community-building activities for interdisciplinary students and encourage development across the 'life course' for interdisciplinary researchers.

The Masterclasses aim to:


Short Guide to Developing Interdisciplinary Strategies for Research Groups Dr Catherine Lyall, Professor Robin Williams and Dr Laura Meagher

Short Guide to Developing Interdisciplinary Research Proposals  Professor Joyce Tait and Dr Catherine Lyall

Short Guide to Reviewing Interdisciplinary Research Proposals Dr Catherine Lyall, Ann Bruce, Professor Joyce Tait

Short Guide to Building and Managing Interdisciplinary Research Teams Dr Catherine Lyall and Dr Laura Meagher

Short Guide to Supervising Interdisciplinary PhDs Dr Catherine Lyall, Dr Laura Meagher and Professor Joyce Tait

Short Guide to Troubleshooting Interdisciplinary Research Management Challenges Dr Catherine Lyall and Dr Laura Meagher

Short Guide to Designing Interdisciplinary Research for Policy and Practice Dr Catherine Lyall

Further information

For additional information, please email Catherine Lyall