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Innovation, Development and Global Health: The role of partnerships and innovation systems and strategies for enhancing capacities

Joanna Chataway   Rebecca Hanlin   James Smith   David Wield

Started: January 1 2002


The unpredictability of science not withstanding, product development partnerships aiming to develop new drugs and vaccines for example, have the ability – but also need – to build crucial scientific and institutional skills and wider enabling environmental capacity.

Our research has looked at the power and politics behind the various technology and knowledge flows within a number of vaccine development partnerships. Our work has also looked at these issues through the lens of innovation systems research.  We have have been concerned not only to understand and analyze but also to contribute to capacity building and to policy more generally in this area.

Current research projects include:

  • Production and delivery of genomic-based technologies in developing countries: exploring innovative global life science partnerships (Core Innogen project led by Joanna Chataway with Norman Clark, Rebecca Hanlin, Lois Muraguri, James Smith)
  • Exploring the Power of Knowledge and Technology Flows in Developing Countries (A core Innogen project led by Joanna Chataway and James Smith)
  • Public-private collaboration in genomics and biotechnology (ESRC funded project led by Theo Papaioanno and David Wield with Joyce Tait and Joanna Chataway)
  • Culture and Innovation Dynamics (An EU FP7 funded project, with Bocconi University et al., led by Rebecca Hanlin with Luigi Orsenigo and Joanna Chataway)


Health Partnerships Database

The Health Partnerships Database provides a portal for up-to-date information on the wide range of public-private partnerships (PPPs) working in global health.

The database contains significant information about PPPs to serve the health needs of those in low and middle income countries. It includes details about the activities and governance of PPPs coalesced around the health needs of the poor.

The database has developed out of Innogen’s Innovation, Development and Global Health research programme and builds on an initiative of the Global Forum for Health Research.


Free, open educational resources.

An introduction to technology and innovation policy research

This interdisciplinary module is free to access and provides an introduction to technology and innovation policy and research in this field.

These materials were developed by Innogen and DPP staff in collaboration with colleagues at the Africa Centre for Technology Studies in Nairobi, Kenya as part of a British Council and Open University funded research and training project.

The module emphasis is on examining issues of interdisciplinary research embracing economic, sociological and managerial orientations. The approach is to build understanding of technology policy and technology innovations processes thereby providing a robust grounding, before exploring research methods employed to investigate technology and innovation policy.

It is important to appreciate that this is not a research methods course as research techniques are not actively taught. Instead, a selection of research tools are introduced and applied to technology policy and innovation. Thus, it focuses on methods and skills best suited for technology policy and innovation rather than being comprehensive.

Course materials are free to download from the website.


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