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Governance of New and Emerging Science and Technology in China

Xiaobai Shen   Robin Williams

Funding: Various

Started: January 1 2002


China’s science and innovation system is growing very rapidly and it is expected that in coming decades, it will overtake many advanced economies in terms of levels of scientific activity and will achieve leaderhsip in a number of technical fields.

These developments are accompanied by the development of China's governance systems in relation to the promotion and application of science and technology; in relation to risk regulation and the assessment and amelioration  of poteential negative social and economic and ethical outcomes.

In a context of globalisation we find concerns about the uneven development of governance; Attempts to harmonise governance systems promote concerns about the different positions in particular of developed and developing economies and about recognising distinct nationaland cutlural traditions.

Aims and objectives

In collaboration with Chinese partners, the development and governance of  diverse new and emerging areas of science and technology  (NEST) is being tracked, including nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, and other applications of life science technologies in agriculutre and health.

The research will focus upon the emerging systems of governance.

Research methods

The work will involve case-studies of the development of NEST governance, often drawing upon international comparison and longitudinal/historical studies to gain insights into differences and similarities between governance systems and their dynamics of development.