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Consequences, Opportunities and Challenges of Modern Biotechnology for Europe (BIO4EU)

Joyce Tait   Ann Bruce   Catherine Lyall

February 19 2008 – February 19 2008


Innogen members contributed to a European team of researchers working on this project, to provide advice for members of the European Parliament through ETEPS (a network for European Techno-Economic Policy Support).

The objective was to provide an assessment of the consequences, opportunities and challenges that applications of modern biotechnology present for the EU, to identify and quantify the contributions of modern biotechnology to the achievement of major European policy objectives as formulated in the Lisbon Agenda and the sustainable development strategy.

Innogen's contribution was in mapping the adoption of modern biotechnology in primary production/agro-food in the EU and evaluating the consequences, opportunities and challenges of applications in primary production and agro-food.