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21st Century Healthcare: Challenges and Paradigms in Biomedical Research Governance

Shawn Harmon   Emma King   Kwan-Hsu

Affiliated staff:   Graeme Laurie   David Castle   Catherine Lyall

January 1 2011 – December 31 2011

Aims and objectives

The primary academic aim is to advance thinking on some of the key issues that will face healthcare systems in the coming years. In particular, we wish to consider the different paradigms of control or governance that are engaged in the health innovation and healthcare delivery environments respectively, and how they interact (or fail to interact adequately), and to explore practical challenges and possible solutions for improved health innovation and healthcare governance. We have specified some themes and questions for project participants to use to guide their contributions. The unifying theme, however, will be on the challenges posed by differing paradigms operating within the health research setting (public v. private, professional v. participatory, etc.), and we hope everyone can agree on stating something academically and/or policy-wise useful about that at the end.

Research methods

This project draws on the existing and evolving research of experts across a range of fields who are brought together in a discursive format, one objective of which is to encourage the formation of cross-disciplinary collaborative networks within a relatively structured format.

Further information

The project will consist of a PhD Primer Meeting (11 Feb 2011) attended by University of Edinburgh PhD students, which will feed into a subsequent Expert Meeting (15 Feb 2011) of a small number of experts from around the world.

It is expected that the project will result in a meetings report, a joint academic (peer-reviewed) paper, and a series of presentations which will be available to the public on the centres’ websites.