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Knowledge Production for Sustainable Bioenergy: An Analysis of UK Decision Processes and Priorities

Les Levidow   Theo Papaioannou

Funding: ESRC

November 1 2010 – April 30 2012

In the UK policy context, the transition to a low-carbon economy was envisaged through technological solutions that enhance the commercial use of knowledge in a competitive global market place. This research project analysed the role of bioenergy with the following objectives: identifying the range of potential innovation pathways for bioenergy, as a basis to analyse variation, selection, and retention of pathways as research priorities; analysing how institutions were linked in selecting bioenergy research priorities; developing a theoretical account of bioenergy research policy and its relation to shaping a low-carbon economy in the UK; and engaging with stakeholders involved in shaping research priorities for bioenergy (e.g., as participants, as critical supporters, and as potential end-users). The project explored how discourses, practices, and interests of techno-scientific knowledge figured in selecting national research priorities for sustainable bio-energy from a wider range of options.