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LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE CASE STUDIES. Innovation Driven-Growth in Regions: The Role of Smart Specialisation

Boekholt, P.   Technopolis, P. M.   Ortega-Argilés, R.   Rosiello, A   Mastroeni, M

August 2013

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This draft synthesis report brings together the key findings from the CSTP Activity 2.4 on Smart specialisation strategies for innovation driven growth1 carried out under the auspices of the OECD‟s Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP).

The draft synthesis report is based on a review of the literature on smart specialisation and its underlying concepts; the identification and development of indicators and metrics for smart specialisation strategies; an enquiry of governance and priority setting processes; and 15 case studies of country and regional experience in designing and implementing smart specialisation strategies. This draft has been prepared by the Secretariat (Inmaculada Periañez-Forte and Mario Cervantes) under the guidance and supervision of Dominique Guellec. The draft also benefited from inputs and comments from members of its Steering Group. The Secretariat would like to thank members of the steering group for this collective effort and for their fruitful contribution to the project. Special thanks are extended to the lead countries, Austria (Armin Mahr), Belgium (Jan Larosse), Finland (Raine Hermans) and Korea (Jeong Hyop Lee). Thanks are also extended also to the European Commission, the DG Regio (Mikel Landabaso, Katja Reppe and Luisa Sanches) and the working team of S3 platform of the IPTS. The synthesis report draws on the analytical work carried out by ECOOM (Koenraad Debackere, Petra Andries), the Joanneum Research Graz (Christian Hartmann), Technopolis Group (Patries Boekholt) and the comments received by experts, including Dominique Foray, Philip McCann, Raquel Ortega, Claire Nauwelaers, Alessandro Rosiello and Michele Mastroeni and Dimitrios Pontikakis. In addition to the voluntary and in-kind contributions from the participating countries, the activity also benefited from a grant from DG-Regio of the European Commission which is gratefully acknowledged.