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Health Biotechnology to 2030

OECD International Futures Programme: The Bioeconomy to 2030

Tait, J   Wield, D   Bruce, A   Chataway, J

January 2007

OECD International Futures Programme

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The bioeconomy, a new concept, covers a broad range of economic activities, all benefiting from discoveries, and related products and services arising out of the biosciences. The project will assess:

  • How pervasive biotechnological applications are likely to become
  • Prospects for further development over the next two to three decades
  • Potential impact on the economy and society
  • The policy agenda needed to promote and diffuse this new wave of innovations in a way that is consistent with broader socioeconomic goals

Innogen researchers produced a report, 'Health Biotechnology to 2030', for the Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda programme:

The impact of biotechnologies on health care has so far primarily operated through the development of drugs, either in the development of new types of molecules, in contributions to discovery, or to safety and efficacy evaluation.

The starting point for development of our scenarios is thus a world health care system that, from the perspective of potential impacts of biotechnology, has been dominated by the innovation model of the multinational drug companies.

The current economic climate for this sector is one where increasing competition has led to waves of mergers and acquisitions, leading to an everincreasing scale of operations for multinational companies alongside the parallel trend increasingly to out-source activities related to drug discovery and development.

The Health Biotechnology scenario report considers:

  • The pathways that health biotechnologies could follow
  • The future trajectory of the bioeconomy primarily in the context of human health
  • The likely societal, economic and policy impacts of these projected outcomes, focusing on the period 2012/15 to 2030

Access to the Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda full report from the OECD website

Access to the Health Biotechnology to 2030 report (also available for download on top of this page)