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DFID Report: India's Pharmaceutical Sector in 2008: Emerging Strategies and Global and Local Implications for Access to Medicines (2008)

Gehl Sampath, P

January 2008

The main objective of this study is to investigate the present legal and economic framework in India and the emerging response of the local pharmaceutical sector since 2005, in order to analyse its implications for access to medicines, both local and global.

The main research questions dealt with in detail are:

(a) What are the developments since India's compliance with the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) in 2005 in the legal and economic framework that have implications for firms' behaviour and global access to medicines? How do the issues raised by the Mashelkar report (and its aftermath), the Novartis case,
and the Reddy Committee Report on data protection impact upon the creation of a conducive regulatory framework for sectoral innovation?

(b) How do emerging disease trends within India (especially the growing importance of non-communicable diseases) and in other developing countries affect issues of availability and pricing of medicines in these segments?

(c) To what extent can India continue to be a global producer of cheaper generic versions of drugs that are important from a public health perspective despite its TRIPS-compliant patent regime?

(d) What forms of policy interventions remain significant to enable the sector to expand as a global player, while retaining its role as a major producer of cheaper drugs?

The full report is available to download India's Pharmaceutical Sector in 2008 (PDF 499kb)