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Proportionate and adaptive governance of innovative technologies (PAGIT)
Case Study: Responsible governance of innovative technologies

Innogen Institute Report to the British Standards Institution

Innovation is expected to form the basis of national prosperity in the UK and internationally, and the UK Industrial Strategy White Paper has set out ambitious plans for providing financial, organisational and structural support to the UK’s most innovative sectors. However, these investments will fail to deliver the expected benefits unless they are accompanied by targeted initiatives to make governance systems more proportionate and adaptive to the needs of innovative technologies.

The Responsible Governance Case Study gives a full description of the PAGIT approach to responsible innovation and stakeholder engagement, summarised in the main report ( This approach is tailored to meet the needs of those developing innovative technologies, particularly in the life sciences.

PAGIT-Responsible-Governance-Case-Study-Summary-Report_180723-for-website.pdf PDF, 1MB

PAGIT-Responsible-Governance-Case-Study-Final-Report_180723-for-website.pdf PDF, 1.6MB