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RAND Research report - Galvanising the NHS to adopt innovation - The feasibility and practicality of recommendations from the interim report of the Accelerated Access Review

UK Department of Health and Wellcome Trust

Parris, S   Cochrane, G   Marjanovic, S   Ling, T   Chataway, J

March 2016

RAND Corporation

The Department of Health and the Wellcome Trust, in cooperation with NHS England, asked RAND Europe to conduct a focused engagement with key stakeholders, about the practicality of measures and incentives proposed as part of the Accelerated Access Review (AAR). The work was conducted in December 2015 and January 2016.

The AAR interim report suggests a number of propositions that have the potential to accelerate access to high-impact innovations, with specific roles outlined for Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) and secondary care organisations (spanning specialist hospitals, teaching hospitals, district general hospitals and other secondary care providers).

This work explores the implications of a subset of propositions outlined in the interim AAR report relating to Proposition Four: Galvanising the NHS. Specifically, the project investigates the feasibility of implementation by AHSNs and the role of secondary care organisations for three specific propositions:

• A new earmarked fund to encourage AHSNs and other key innovation actors to lead system redesign to embrace innovation and the adoption of evidence-based, high-impact innovations.
• Mobilising the influence of clinical system leaders to champion change.
• Encouraging secondary care organisations to take on ‘innovation champion’ roles linked to financial incentives and a new emphasis on accountable care organisations (ACO).

This report provides a high-level summary of views from a range of stakeholders, including AHSNs, teaching hospitals, primary care organisations, commissioners and academia on the feasibility of these recommendations, and the associated critical factors that are important for enabling implementation. The detailed method and analysis related to this report is provided in the supporting slide-deck: ‘The feasibility and practicality of AAR recommendations: analysis’, which can be found in Appendix A.