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Professor Sudip Chaudhuri

Professor of Economics

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Dr Sudip Chaudhuri is a Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. His research interests include industrial policy, role of state in developing countries and intellectual property rights particularly with reference to the pharmaceutical industry.

He has published widely including a book on WTO and India’s Pharmaceuticals Industry: Patent Protection, TRIPS and Developing Countries, Oxford, University Press. The book was quoted extensively in the recent Supreme Court judgment on the Novartis patent case.

He has done commissioned studies for various organizations including the World Health Organization, Geneva, United Nation Development Programme, New York, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India. He has also been a member of research team for several international research projects including those funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK, Research Council of Norway, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva.