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Dr Pauline Gleadle

Research Associate

Pauline has degrees in economics (Cambridge), psychology (Open University and LSE) and a PhD in management control (Brunel) as well as being a Chartered Accountant. She has worked full-time at Cranfield School of Management, the Open University and the University of East Anglia (London campus) as well as at many other institutions on a part-time basis. Currently, she is engaged in post-doctoral research mentoring at the University of Westminster on a range of topics including corporate governance in both the UK and in developing countries.

Her current research focuses on the sustainability of different business models, particularly those of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries under conditions of financialization, where financial markets act dynamically to affect the strategy and governance of firms. To date, she has published on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in the UK and in Poland and is developing this work to explore the sectors in the US and France, work in which she collaborates with overseas colleagues. Her international research is informed by the comparative capitalisms literature.


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The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills Strategy for UK Life Sciences document (December 2011) adopted several of the recommendations made including sponsoring open innovation models and providing £180million over the next three years in a catalyst fund.