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Dr Lois Muraguri

Director for Policy and External Affairs

Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed)
Doherty Building
Pentlands SciencePark
Bush Loan
Edinburgh EH26 0PZ

Dr Muraguri joined GALVmed in June 2010 and mostly works on policy issues encountered during GALVmed activities as well as tracking international and national policy trends relevant to GALVmed’s agenda. She also supports advocacy activities by ensuring GALVmed is linked into and represented in the relevant global, regional and national forums, and that GALVmed is seen as a respected organisation and a key player in the livestock arena.

Dr Muraguri was formerly a research fellow in life sciences and development at the Innogen ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on innovation in genomics at the Open University, UK where she worked on policy issues in the context of technology product development public-private partnerships.

Dr Muraguri is a lawyer with an LL.M (Warwick University, UK) and a Ph.D (Queen Mary, University of London, UK) specialising in intellectual property in product development and public-private partnerships in the context of development. Her thesis primarily looked at organisational, national and international policies and processes and how they interface with product-development partnerships to effectively translate research into pro-poor products.

Her career interests include: the dynamics of public-private partnerships in the context of technology transfer, the interface between intellectual property rights, the innovation process in health and agriculture and models for creating an enabling policy environment for translating research into viable marketable products in the pro-poor context. She has worked and consulted for the International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) among others before joining GALVmed. She has also consulted for top London law firms on intellectual property matters and commercialisation of technology.